Fine Fabric PreSpray
Fine Fabric PreSpray

Fine Fabric PreSpray

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Fine Fabric PreSpray  is formulated to be a superior performing neutral pH prespray for all your prespray needs on upholstery and fine fabrics. Prespray action immediately penetrates the unique soiling found especially on upholstery from body oils and spills. Use diluted on wet clean fabric. Use undiluted for dry clean only fabrics. Also, can be used undiluted on soil filtration lines. All upholstery fabric should be tested for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before using.

Concentrated for economy

Ready to use pH is 7.5


For dry clean only fabrics, use undiluted as a prespray.

Use undiluted on soil filtration lines.

Mix 1 part Fine Fabric PreSpray Spotter with 5 – 10 parts water (13 oz. – 26 oz. of product per gallon), depending on the level of soiling. For best results agitate lightly with a towel or brush. Rinse and extract with MasterRinse or appropriate cleaning detergent.


Fine Fabric PreSpray Spotter MSDS