P.O.P. (Polyester & Olefin Prespray)

P.O.P. (Polyester & Olefin Prespray)

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MasterBlend has developed the best product we’ve seen for polyester and olefin carpets (polypropylene). Very concentrated at 32:1 and extra aggressive on oils and greases.

This product packs a punch in cleaning oily, greasy polyester and olefin traffic lanes (or any traffic lanes that do not respond to regular presprays.)

Ready-to-use pH is 10.3

  • 32:1 Concentration
  • Extra aggressive on oils and greases.


Mix 1 part P.O.P. (Polyester & Olefin Prespray) with 32 parts hot water (4 oz per gallon of water).

Mix well and apply to carpet. For use with an in-line sprayer use undiluted with the 32:1 metering tip or mix 1.5 quarts of P.O.P. (Polyester & Olefin Prespray) with 3.5 quarts water.

1US Gallon

P.O.P. (Polyester & Olefin Prespray) MSDS Download