Masterblend Enzyme Pre-Spray

Masterblend Enzyme Pre-Spray

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Enzyme PreSpray Premium Soil Lifter is a superior powdered citrus enzyme prespray for hard to remove protein soil and grease. Uses an advanced formulation of enzymes and natural citrus solvents to effectively break down grease and protein based soils. Strong enough for the dirtiest of carpets. Dissolves very rapidly and becomes active immediately. Time-saving Enzyme PreSpray works with quick action as soon as it is applied. Leaves a natural citrus fragrance. Concentrated powder formula ensures high potency and long shelf life.


Ready to use pH is 9.5


Mix 1-2 ounces (1-2 scoops) Enzyme PreSpray per gallon of hot water. Mix well and apply to carpet. For in-line sprayer mix 10 ounces (10 scoops) Enzyme PreSpray with 5 quarts water. For best results agitate with a pile brush or rake.

For upholstery, mix 1 ounce (1 scoop) Enzyme PreSpray per gallon of hot water. Mix well and apply with a sprayer.  


Enzyme Pre-Spray MSDS Sheet Download