POG Paint Oil & Grease
POG Paint Oil & Grease
POG Paint Oil & Grease
POG Paint Oil & Grease

POG Paint Oil & Grease

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POG Paint Oil & Grease Remover is a non-volatile dry solvent made from a special blend of powerful solvents. POG’s fast acting formula quickly removes stubborn petroleum-based stains and spots from carpet and upholstery.

• Multi-Purpose Dry Solvent
• Citrus Solvent Powered
• Low VOC’s
• Free Rinsing
• Removes Difficult Solvent Soluble Stains Like: Paint, Oil, Grease, Gum, Ink, Tar, Asphalt, Wax, Shoe Polish, Nail Polish, AND MORE!

 1 Quart bottle


    POG is ready to use—DO NOT DILUTE.
    1. Test for colorfastness or color change on textiles in an inconspicuous area before using.
    2. Blot fresh spill and remove as much soil as possible.
    3. Apply POG to a clean white cloth. Blot spot with cloth working from the outside edges toward the center.
    4. Gently tamp the spot using a spotting brush and blot dry. Repeat if necessary.
    5. Rinse spot with detergent or repeat the spotting procedure with Volatile Solvent to remove any residues. Allow area to dry before using.

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